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Once-a-Month Cooking Makes Weeknights Easier

When you're tired at the end of the day and fresh out of dinner ideas, wouldn't it be nice to have a month's worth of meals waiting for you in the freezer?  More...(pdf 114kb)

Whole Grain Muffin Recipes For You to Enjoy

Whole Grain Banana Muffin Recipe (pdf 68kb)

Morning Glory Muffin (Carrot Nut) Recipe (pdf 92kb)

NEW:  So Easy to Preserve - Hands on Canning and Lecture Course

Home food preservation is making a comeback! If you are not confident about what to do with your garden's bounty it may be time to think about participating in the course So Easy to Preserve!  More...(pdf 116kb)

Home Canning and Botulism

Botulism can be controlled in home-canned foods if home canners are made aware of the dangers and how to prevent it.  More.....

Cottage Food Legislation Signed Into Law

During the 2011 Legislative Session, the Florida Legislature enacted House Bill 7209 allowing individuals to manufacture, sell and store certain types of "cottage food" products in an unlicensed home kitchen.  More.....


Current Topics

Free Testing of Presto Pressure Dial Gauge Canners

You can now bring your Presto Pressure Dial Gauge Canners to the Extension Office to have them tested. We recommend that they be tested each year prior to canning season. Please contact Heidi Copeland at to set up an appointment to have your canner tested.

Starting Your Own Food Business

You decide you want to sell your extra eggs, jams, jellies, relish, and salsa you have made from the abundance of your garden.  You should be aware of the state regulations regarding food preparation for human consumption are outlined in Florida Statutes, Chapter 500 (, more commonly referred to as the Florida Food Safety Act.  More.....

Bed Bug Tips for Parents

With school being out for the summer and people traveling and staying in motels--everyone should be on the look out for bed bugs.  With bed bugs showing up more in homes lately, here are some much needed tips for parents.  More.....(pdf 197kb)

Head Lice

Signs of head lice are:  frequent head scratching, complaints of an itchy scalp/head, redness behind ears or on back of the neck.  More.....(pdf 436kb)

Update on Bisphenol A for Use in Food Contact Applications

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that has been present in many hard plastic bottles and metal-based food and beverage cans since the 1960s.  More.....(pdf 52kb)

Identity Theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America.   More...

To Your Health!  Food Safety for Seniors

Seniors have a lifetime of experience shopping, preparing and eating food.   More...(pdf 851kb)

Managing Money In Tough Times

Follow these guidelines for successful money management during tough financial times.  More...

Job Tips for Job Seekers   

It is important to be active and organized when seeking employment -- especially in times when unemployment is high, consumer confidence is low, and many companies and even state government agencies are on a hiring freeze. More...

Job Search & Job Loss   

Resources are available to make finding a job easier and less stressful. More...

Importance Of Family Dinner

Eating dinner together as a family has become a thing of the past. Find out what you're missing! More...

No Cook Recipes: No Time To Cook?  No Problem!

With these quick-fix meals, you can be eating healthy in a snap at any time of the day!  More...

Stretch Your Groceries

Saving money is on everyone's mind; so you never know when you might pick up a new tip.   More...(pdf 70kb)

Supermarket Savings: 16 Tips That Can Total Big Bucks

It's possible to save money shopping for groceries without cooking everything from scratch, packing your purse with coupons, or purchasing foods in season.  More...

Ingredient Substitutions

Often for lack of an ingredient, a recipe is ruined or an extra trip to the store is required.  More...(pdf 167kb)

Save Money By Saving Energy

Home energy consumption and the resulting costs can be lowered by a few simple steps. More...


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