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Hay and Forage

Check these links to locate possible hay sources:

Florida Market Bulletin

Georgia Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin

Alabama Farmers and Consumers Bulletin

The Florida Farm Bureau’s Sunshine Farmers Market

Georgia Cattlemen’s Association’s Hay Directory

Hay Crop & Price Information

Check this site for the hay crop’s progress and prices:

The USDA’s Southeast Weekly Hay Report

Beware of Hay Payment Scam

North Carolina hay growers have been notified about a possible scam connected to hay payments.  To learn more check the link below.

Hoary Alyssum in Alfalfa from the Mid-West

Georgia horse owners have been advised to check their alfalfa hay for a toxic weed.  For more information check the link below.,2086,38902732_72602847_85029898,00.html

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