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Visit Your Demonstration Gardens

Did you know that you have a public garden in Tallahassee that you can visit anytime to get new ideas for your home gardens?

The demonstration gardens of the Leon County Extension center of University of Florida IFAS are planted and maintained by the Master Gardener volunteers. The gardens include landscape plants, vegetable and herb areas, an area for xerophytic plants, and wildlife habitat areas. The overall objective of the gardens is to demonstrate the use of Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles to the community: Right Plant, Right Place - Water Efficiently - Fertilize Appropriately – Mulch – Attract Wildlife – Manage Yard Pests Responsibly – Recycle – Reduce Storm Water Runoff – Protect the Waterfront

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  1. tammy sons

    you can easily tell that master gardner’s has thought this process out. it’s just beautiful

    1. Dana Gibbs

      Thank you, our Leon County Master Gardener volunteers are the heart and soul of the gardens, we are extremely proud of our gardens and our many dedicated volunteers!

  2. Gabriel Menendez

    Do you have a planting layout/plan for the various planting areas within the demonstration garden? If I wanted to replicate a specific garden area how can I get a specific planting lists of that demonstration area? Thank you…

    P.S. the demonstration garden is absolutely amazing, attractive and inspiring. Thanks.

    1. Dana Gibbs

      Hi Gabriel,

      please contact Zulema Wibmer, Horticulture Program Assistant at 606-5202 with your request. In addition you may view the Demonstration Garden Plant List on our website, click on Lawn and Garden (main page, left menu), then click on Demonstration Gardens, and see plant list by bed areas. Hope this helps you out Ms Zulema can answer any of your other questions.

      Thank you

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