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Starting Your Own Food Business

You decide you want to sell your extra eggs, jams, jellies, relish, and salsa you have made from the abundance of your garden.  You should be aware of the state regulations regarding food preparation for human consumption are outlined in Florida Statutes, Chapter 500 (http://www.freshfromflorida.com/fs/permitrq.html), more commonly referred to as the Florida Food Safety Act.

If you are wanting to make homemade canned relish to sale you will need to prepare the relish in a commercial kitchen, you will need to contact the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at (850) 245-5520 to get information on receiving a commercial food permit and you will also need to be certified as a food manager.

You may contact Heidi Copeland at (850) 606-5203 or email her copelandhe@leoncountyfl.gov for more information on becoming certified as a food manager.


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