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Health & Nutrition

Leon County Extension offers a variety of educational programs and information on developing healthy lifestyles.  For more information or to schedule programs, please contact us at 850-606-5203 or copelandhe@leoncountyfl.gov.

Worksite Wellness Programs

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Child Care Providers

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  • Meal Planning
  • Allergies
  • Cooking with Children


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Child Care Providers

Workshops and classes fulfilling annual inservice hours are offered for child care providers.  Health and nutrition classes focus on a variety of topics, including meal planning, allergies and cooking with children.  Classes can be provided in topic areas other than nutrition as well. For more information or to schedule programs, please contact us at 850-606-5203 …

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Cholesterol Control

Cholesterol Control is a series of four to six classes designed to promote lifestyle behaviors associated with decreased risk of heart disease.  Today, many people are leading busy, fast-paced lives, and frequently eat on the run.  These eating habits often lead to diets high in fat, sodium and calories, possibly resulting in increased risk for …

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Small Steps to Health and Wealth™

Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ was written because many American are experiencing serious problems related to their health and or personal finances or both.  There are also many similarities between both aspects of life. In SSHW™ you will learn about behavior-change strategies that can be applied to simultaneously improve both your health and personal …

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Walking Through Florida

… a fun, friendly competition promoting physical activity and personal wellness! Through a modest increase in daily activity, most Americans can improve their health. Walking Through Florida is a program that persuades and motivates people of all ages to make that most important change . . . to get started. It is a program that …

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