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How to Join Adopt-a-Garden Program

If you are interested in joining the Adopt-a-Garden Program and adopting a garden, please contact:

Molly Jameson
Sustainable Agriculture and Community Food Systems Extension Agent
UF/IFAS Leon County Extension
Phone: (850) 606-5219


Additional Information about joining the Adopt-a-Garden Program:

Garden selection: Interested volunteers will be given descriptions of available gardens to “adopt”. The garden organizers are aware of the program and are interested in having volunteer garden support. After volunteers select a garden to “adopt”, they will be given contact information for the garden organizer. It will then be the volunteers’ responsibility to contact the garden organizers to set up activities.

Meetings: Volunteers meet quarterly to discuss volunteer activities (What is working? What is not?), recruit new members, coordinate events, and brainstorm ways to improve the program.

Garden type: Vegetable gardens will be the main focus of the program, including school and community gardens. Other types of gardens, such as flower gardens and demonstration gardens, will be considered for the project as long as the primary focus is on education and outreach.

Recruitment/term: Adopt-a-Garden volunteers are self-selected or recruited by Extension staff, Master Gardeners, or members of the community. Volunteers are encouraged to commit to adopting the garden one full year, and each fall will have the option of continuing onto the following year or assisting in recruiting a replacement. More than one volunteer can “adopt” a garden, and volunteers with gardening experience are encouraged to pair up with less experienced volunteers.

Special events: Organized garden work days, garden installations, and other activities often require help from volunteers in order to get something completed or get a garden started, but do not require a long-term volunteer commitment. Volunteers interested in joining the Adopt-a-Garden Program to find out about these events (but cannot necessarily fully commit to a garden long-term), are encouraged to do so. The volunteers will be added to the Adopt-a-Garden e-mail list and will be notified when a garden requests volunteer assistance.

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