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Favorite Fall Flowers Blooming Now


Tallahassee Democrat October 10, 2014     Brown-eyed susans are favorite flowers in fall gardens. Photo by Mary Ann Tonnacliff     By Linda Yates   Fall has the last word when it comes to favorite flowers. In a final flourish of blooms, local gardeners find that the perennials that endured the dry heat of …

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Saddleback Caterpillar


Guest Article for the Tallahassee Democrat   October 10, 2014   Photos by Kathy Kinsey     By Kathy Kinsey   Looking like a miniature Yorkie sporting his new Christmas blanket, the saddleback caterpillar is not as innocent as it looks. It is actually quite a nasty little guy and has a sting that will …

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Moon Gardens!


Guest Article for the Tallahassee Democrat October 3, 2014, Release for Tallahassee Democrat     By Marilyn S. Larson         There is something magical about a garden at night. Flowers and shrubs “shine” under the natural light of the moon. Light colors and white take on a glow. Moon gardens can be …

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Fall Is Great Time for Planting

Guest Article for the Tallahassee Democrat October 3, 2014     Photo by David W. Marshall: Fall is a great time for planting shrubs and trees as well as winter annuals such as these pansies and diascia flowers.       By David Marshall Since I retired as an Extension Agent and have been doing …

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Managing the Oldfield Meadow

Tallahassee Democrat   September 19, 2014     Photo by David Copps: Lopsided Indian Grass in an Oldfield Meadow.   By David Copps       Located between Tallahassee and Thomasville, Georgia is the heart of a very special place known as the Red Hills region.  For more than a century these 300,000 acres of …

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Why A Vegetable Garden?

Tallahassee Democrat   September 19, 2014   By Amanda Pace Kollar   Photo: George Harrison         Growing your own vegetables can be an exciting and productive endeavor. For starters, there is a huge difference in taste between store bought veggies and home-grown. Since you only pick them when you need them, they …

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Restoring your yard’s native ‘sense of place’

 Tallahassee Democrat   September 19, 2014 By Will Sheftall   Photo: Nick Baldwin       Have you ever wondered what your yard looked like before it was your yard?  And what that little piece of Earth’s surface you own and manage would turn into, if allowed to ‘return to nature’ without invasive exotics mucking …

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A Healthy Coffee Alternative from Your Own Backyard


Tallahassee Democrat   September 12th 2014       Photo by Lilly Anderson-Messec   By Lilly Anderson-Messec     If you ever drive down to St Marks Wildlife Refuge during the winter months, it’s hard not to notice the Yaupon Holly, Ilex vomitoria. The bright, cherry-red berries provide a shock of color along the roadsides …

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Toulon, South of France

Tallahassee Democrat September 5, 2014   Perennials in a similar climate to ours in the South of France. Photo by Deborah Lawson   By Deborah Lawson         When I first learned to garden as a child in Wisconsin, we grew vegetables and flowers from seed. We planted things when the ground would …

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Tallahassee Democrat Photo by Kathy Kinsey August 29, 2014 By Kathy Kinsey           Over the river and through the woods, it’s off to the garden I go….a bugger extraordinaire, the dragonfly is to the insect world what the hummingbird is to the bird world because the hummingbird will eat some insects …

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