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Panhandle Pond Management Workshops May 31 & June 7

Panhandle Pond Management Workshops May 31 & June 7

As water temperatures increase aquatic weed growth increases. Be sure to monitor ponds closely and control weeds before the problem gets too large. Photo Credit: Mark Mauldin

Photo Credit: Mark Mauldin

Ponds can be a source of great enjoyment. However, properly managing them to meet your desired goals can be challenging. Panhandle Pond Management, a two part series being offered by UF/IFAS Extension, is designed to help pond owners/managers become more successful in reaching their goals. Specialists from campus will be onsite to share their expertise. Dr. Chuck Cichra, UF Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, will lead Session one, and Dr. Stephen Enloe, UF Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, will lead session two.

Session 1 – May 31st Fish Management

  • Focus – decisions the pond owner can make that directly relate to the success and productivity of the fish population in a pond. Stocking, harvesting, feeding, aeration, and other topics will be covered.

Session 2 – June 7th Aquatic Weed Management

  • Focus – weed identification, control options, and herbicide application techniques.


    If you have problem weeds, bring samples to Session 2 for identification and control recommendations.

Panhandle Pond Management will be held at the Washington County Agricultural Center, 1424 Jackson Ave, Chipley FL. Each session will begin at 6:00pm central time and a meal will be served. To ensure we have enough food, advanced registration is strongly encouraged.

There is a $ 10 registration fee per session. To register, call the Washington County Extension Office (850-638-6180) or use the links below for online registration. Session 2 attendees will receive a copy of Weed Control in Ponds a bound book sold through the IFAS bookstore.

Online Registration

Download and print the program flyer:

Panhandle Pond Management Workshop Series Flyer



Author: Mark Mauldin – mdm83@ufl.edu

I am the Agriculture and Natural Resources agent in Washington County. My program areas include livestock and forage, row crops, and pond management.

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