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Friday Feature: Autonomous (Self-Driving) Tractors

Friday Feature:  Autonomous (Self-Driving) Tractors

At the end of 2016, Case IH revealed a new concept tractor that could revolutionize farming in the future – Autonomous or self driving tractors.  Imagine the ability to have a programmed tractor that could disk or spray pesticides on it’s own, or a tractor pulling a grain cart that followed the combine in the field.  The technology they are working on is much more advanced than auto-steer. Check out the promotional video:



Successful Farming also did a feature article that includes a video interview of Leo Bose, Advanced Farming Systems that provides a little more details than the promotional video above.

Case IH Unveils Autonomous Concept Tractor

Leo Bose, Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) marketing manager said, “It’s not a product launch by any means. But it could certainly lead to one, or several, down the road.”


For the past 18 months we have shared old farm jokes each week on Panhandle Ag e-news, but the well has about run dry.  Starting in 2017 we will be sharing interesting videos and stories related to agriculture.  If you come across a neat video or story, please send it in so we can share it with our readers.  Send a link to a video or article to:  Friday Features



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