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Managing Dicamba Drift when using New Dicamba Resistant Cotton Varieties

Dicmaba drift injury versus healthy cotton without injury. Photo – Jay Ferrell Jay Ferrell, & Ramon Leon, UF/IFAS Weed Speciaslits R. and Ethan Carter, Regional Crop IPM Agent Dicamba drift injury on traditional cotton. Photo – Jay Ferrell. After many years in development, dicamba use in tolerant cotton varieties will likely be fully approved for …

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Five Tips to Reduce Pesticide Spray Drift

Erdal Ozkan, Agricultural Engineering, Ohio State University Due to concerns for production costs, safety, and the environment, it is important to maximize the pesticide deposit on the target. One of the major problems challenging pesticide applicators is spray drift, which is defined as movement of pesticides by wind from the application site to an off-target …

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The Dangers of Pesticide Drift on Cotton

Pesticide drift is a chronic concern for anyone who applies herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and any other compound meant to control or kill a problem specie. These photographs show the effects of 2,4-DB drift from a peanut field to a cotton field across the road. Although the damage looks terrible, the plant will grow out of …

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