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Potential Pests and Diseases of Olives in Florida

Figure 1. Adult glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca vitripennis. Photo Credit: Lyle J. Buss, UF/IFAS Russ Mizell, Peter Andersen and Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman Olives, Olea europaea, are a newly-developing crop in Florida, but much still remains to be learned of the potential pests. Olives are best adapted to dry Mediterranean climates with some winter chilling. Production under Florida …

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Preliminary Results from the North Florida Olive Variety Trial

Olive variety trial at UF/IFAS NFREC-Quincy. Photo credit: Pete Anderson There is substantial interest in growing olives (Olea europaea) in northern Florida and southern Georgia.  Thus far, olives have been relatively pest free, and appear to be a sustainable crop for this region. Olives are native to the Mediterranean region, can live thousands of years, …

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September Florida Cattle Market Price Watch

Chris Prevatt, UF/IFAS Regional Livestock Economics Agent The August 2017 Feeder Cattle futures contract decreased by $ 10.38/cwt. during September. Based on this futures price decrease, August Feeder Cattle revenues decreased by approximately $ 77.85/hd. ($ 10.38/cwt. * 7.5 cwt.) on a 750-pound feeder steer which amounts to $ 780 per truckload (50,000 lbs.). The …

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USDA Confirms Screwworms in the Florida Keys

Key deer buck killed by an infestation of screwworms on Big Pine Key. Credit: Samantha Gibbs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Screwworms were eradicated from the Southeast back in 1959.  This week USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed the presence of New World Screwworms Cochliomyia hominivorax in three deer in the Florida Keys.  …

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Florida Wildflowers: Blazing Star

Monarch butterfly on dense blazing star (Liatris spicata). Beverly Turner, Jackson Minnesota, Bugwood.org The Florida panhandle has a treasure of native wildflowers to enjoy in every season of the year. In the late summer and fall, blazing star, also commonly known as gayfeather, can be found blooming in natural areas and along roadsides. You can …

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Florida Farmland Value Holding Fairly Steady

Source: USDA Land Values 2016 Summary The last few years most of the farm market news has been pretty discouraging, with declining market prices for peanuts, cotton, corn, soybeans, and cattle. In August, however, USDA released the 2016 Land Values Summary report that showed that the value of farmland has held fairly strong, despite depressed …

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Thrips-transmitted Viruses Infect a Number of Florida Crops

Figure 1. Necrotic rings on immature tomato fruits from plant infected with Tomato chlorotic spot virus. Garima Kakkar, UF/IFAS, St Lucie County Extension, Fort Pierce; Joe Funderburk, UF/IFAS, North Florida Research and Education Center, Quincy; Scott Adkins, USDA-ARS, Horticultural Research Laboratory, Fort Pierce The thrips-transmitted tospoviruses are important economic problems for crops in Florida. Tomato …

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2016 Cool-Season Forage Variety Recommendations for Florida

Ann Blount & Jose Dubeux, North Florida Research and Education Center; Patricio Munoz, Ali Babar, Kevin Kenworthy, and Ken Quesenberry, Department of Agronomy; and Joao Vendramini, Range Cattle Research and Education Center Seed availability this year for most cool-season forages should be in good supply. There was reported difficulty with local production of cereal rye, …

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The Vegetable Production Handbook of Florida: The Go-to-Guide for Vegetable Farmers

The recently updated Vegetable Production Handbook of Florida (VPH) is the go-to-source of information on vegetable production.  So you need to know how to control leafminers in sweet potato? It is in there! Maybe you have a problem with Cercospora leaf spot in okra? Need some weed management options in tomato? That is in there …

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Snakes of the Florida Panhandle: Southern Copperhead

— Photo 1. Large Southern Copperhead in Gadsden County – Photo by Shep Eubanks UF/IFAS Photo 2. Copper head lying next to a tree in leaf litter demonstrating effective camouflage. Photo by Shep Eubanks – UF/IFAS There are approximately 44 species of snakes found in Florida.  The Southern Copperhead is one of only six venomous …

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