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Florida Wildflowers – Historically Resilient

The summertime often reminds us of our uninhibited spirit. With Independence Day not far off, Floridians will be celebrating the freedom of our nation while battling the oppressive climate you can’t seem to escape this time of year. As we approach the apex of heat and humidity here in Florida, we would do well to …

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Northwest Florida Beef Conference February 12

The 29th annual Northwest Florida Beef Conference and Trade Show will be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, at the Jackson County Agriculture Conference Center, located at 2741 Pennsylvania Avenue, Marianna, Florida.  The event begins with registration and the Trade Show opening at 7:30 AM central time, and concludes at 1:30 PM.  The program begins …

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Complying with the New Florida Cattle ID Rule

                In March of 2013, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Cattle Identification rules were implemented requiring all cattle 18 months old or older be identified for interstate (across state line) transportation.  Beef cattle under 18 months of age, unless they are moved interstate for shows, exhibitions, …

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New University of Florida Peanut Varieties for 2014

Two new peanut varieties, FloRunTM ‘107 and TUFRunnerTM ‘727’, from the University of Florida will be available for planting in 2014.  Both varieties were selected for high oleic oil chemistry, as well as disease resistance for high yield potential. High oleic peanuts have been naturally selected for a higher level of a healthier monounsaturated fatty …

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Florida Bull Test Sale January 18

L& L Cattle Company, Marianna, consigned the top performing bull in the 2013 Florida Bull Test. Their Simmental bull, LLCC Big Jake Z211, gained 5.31 pounds per day on the 112 day test. The 14th annual Florida Bull Test was conducted at the University of Florida North Florida Research and Education center near Marianna.  There …

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Low-Input Sustainable Pecan Trial in North Florida

Traditionally, the southeastern United States, and particularly Georgia, was the major pecan producing region in the world. Within the last 20 years, the arid western states (mainly Arizona, Texas and New Mexico) have often produced about 50 percent of the pecans in the United States. The increased production of pecans in the arid west is …

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Crown Rust Outbreak in North Florida Oats

Crown rust on Oats Crown rust (Puccinia coranata) was found in over 3000 acres of oats in Levy, Suwannee and Madison counties in the last week. The most notable characteristic of the fungus is small pustules which contain orange-yellow spores. Rubbing the leaf with your fingers or a towel will leave a fine orange powder. …

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Citrus Canker found in Northwest Florida

Citrus Canker lesions on leaves.  Photo Credit: Beth Bolles, UF/IFAS Extension – Escambia County Blake Thaxton & Mary Derrick, UF/IFAS Extension – Santa Rosa Co. Mikaela Anderson, FDACS Division of Plant Inspection Citrus canker is a serious disease of citrus trees that was recently confirmed for the first time in southern Santa Rosa County. Canker …

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Raisin’ Cane and Making Syrup — An Ol’ Florida Tradition

Terry Mercer with some of his purple ribbon cane. Sugarcane is a crop that many folks eat at every meal of the day, without ever realizing it. Commercially, it is used to make sugar crystals which are incorporated into many foods we eat. However, in the Southern United States, sugarcane has been used since before …

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Strawberries for the Florida Fall Garden

Sweet Charlie Strawberry. Credit: C.K. Chandler, UF IFAS Extension Strawberries can be grown in home gardens throughout the state.  Temperatures between 50 to 80° F (10 and 27°C) and day lengths 14 hours or fewer are required for the development of flowers and fruit on most strawberry varieties.  In the U.S. these conditions occur only …

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