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Improving Ranch Efficiency through Record Analysis

Figure 1 U.S. Average price for 550 pound steers from January 2010 to October 2016. Source Chris Prevatt, UF/IFAS Regional Beef Economics Regional Specialized Agent Cattle prices peaked at unprecedented levels in 2014, fell off a cliff in 2015, and took another steep nosedive in 2016.  When you look at Figure 1 above you can …

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Improving the Efficiency of Your Hay Production

Yield is what is typically evaluated when you consider hay production efficiency, but the forage quality also plays a huge role, because it determines the amount of supplemental feed that must be purchased to maintain animal performance. Photo credit: Doug Mayo As cattle prices have drastically declined, producers are closely examining every production expense.  It …

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Improving Water Quality and Bringing Back the Bayous

Those who have lived in the Panhandle area for many years will remember the days when our local bayous were places people water skied, kids learned to swim, and fishermen brought home plenty of speckled trout.  But today we see little of this.  Water quality within our bayous has declined to a point that the …

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Improving Herd Efficiency

Doug Mayo County Extension Director Jackson County demayo@ufl.edu G. Cliff Lamb Assistant Director, Animal Science Programs University of Florida, North Florida Research & Education Center gclamb@ufl.edu Efficiency has become the new emphasis in agriculture.  There was a time when the goal was simply to maximize production, such as higher yields from our forages and more …

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