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Increase Crop Diversity to Improve Your Garden

Most of you plant a spring vegetable garden with a number of different vegetable types. However, you may not realize that you are improving the health of your soil and your crops by planting a diverse garden.  Intercropping is a gardening practice of growing different crops in the same field.  When planting a mixture of crops …

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Tropical Weather will Increase Disease Pressure on Late Planted Crops

Figure 1. Video of weather forecast for Friday September 2 showing movement through the Southeast of Hurricane Hermine. There is a brief advertisement at the beginning of the video. Ian Small, Nicholas Dufault, Kelly O’Brien, and David Wright Late season storms like hurricane Hermine (Fig. 1) and tropical depression Julia (and 12) often bring significant …

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Managing Cattle “Shrink” at Shipping to Increase Profits

Herman Laramore loading a truck with 700 lb. steers at the Bar L Ranch near Marianna. As the Summer comes to an end, harvest time begins.  When we think of harvest we often focus only on crops, but when ranchers ship calves to market or to a buyer, they are really harvesting a crop almost …

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Target Spot on the Increase in Cotton

Target spot is caused by the fungal pathogen Corynespora cassiicola. Leaf spots usually are up to ¼ to ½ inch in diameter and have a distinct “target spot” pattern with alternating light and dark brown bands of dead tissue. Target spot disease was confirmed from a sample taken in Santa Rosa County on June 27 …

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