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New Resource on Integrated Pest Management for Shrubs

IPM for Shrubs in Southeastern US Nursery Production Volume II is the third book released by the Southern Nursery Integrated Pest Management Working Group (SNIPM) and includes chapters on hydrangea, loropetalum, holly, rhododendron (including azalea), Indian hawthorn, and weed management. Each chapter covers history, culture and management of the major species and cultivars in production, as …

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Integrated Management of Tomato Bacterial Spot Using Bio-control Agents and Conventional Bactericides

Fig. 1. Severe leaf spot caused by Xanthomonas perforans, the causal agent for bacterial spot on tomato.  Photo:  Mathews Paret Mathews Paret, Laura Ritchie, Drey Clark and Josh Freeman, NFREC Quincy Situation Bacterial spot of tomato continues to be the topmost bacterial disease of economic importance in Florida with the potential of causing >20% yield …

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Peanut Variety Selection: An Integrated Approach to Pest Management

A peanut field from Jackson County in 2015. Photograph by Ethan Carter. Common examples of integrated pest management strategies include manipulation of planting date or row spacing, tillage variations, pesticide use, and variety selection. Most of these are typically used in combination for optimal pest management. Regarding peanut varieties, there are many options available to …

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