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Out with the Old and In with the New: Understanding the New and Improved Nutrition Facts Label

The Nutrition Facts label, seen on packaged bags, boxes, cans, etc., is the consumer information gateway to making healthy choices for ourselves and our families.  But let’s face it, for many Americans, interpreting the Nutrition Facts label can be downright confusing, at times, essentially clouding our decision-making abilities. Making informed decisions about what you eat …

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Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

On May 20, 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released the new Nutrition Facts label requirements for packaged foods. The new version represents the latest in food science research and is designed to make it easier for consumers to get the information they need to make healthy choices. These changes are the first updates …

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Nutrition in a Desk Drawer

A busy schedule is the most used excuse for not eating nutritiously.  When pressed for time, it’s easy to fall into the habit of making unhealthy food choices. For those who have no time to prepare meals during the work day, yet want to eat nutritiously, one solution is to plan ahead and prepare mini …

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Nutrition of the Beef Herd During Transition into Summer

Fig. 1. Remaining winter forage on a bahiagrass field at UF-NFREC on 4/30/15. Photo: N. DiLorenzo Nicolas DiLorenzo, Beef Specialist, University of Florida NFREC When it comes to beef cattle herd nutrition we often talk about two critical transition periods in Northwest Florida where we need to pay special attention to grazing management., and possibly …

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Bee Pastures Supplement Hive Nutrition and Enhance Honey Production

Bee Balm (purple flower) and Partridge Pea (yellow flower in background) are two of the many types of plants to consider planting in a Bee Pasture. Bee Pastures can help increase the abundance and health of honey bees and native pollinators. Photo by Judy Ludlow Introduction and Background I am willing to bet that a …

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Vegetable Nutrition Management

Providing and maintaining proper plant nutrition is key to growing healthy vegetable crops. Providing and maintaining proper plant nutrition is a key to successfully growing vegetable crops. Too much fertilizer, though sometimes not harmful to the crop, can be economically detrimental to the farm’s bottom line. Also, over applying fertilizers does not follow state guidelines …

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Watch for the Nutrition Facts Label to Appear on Meat and Poultry Products

Living Well in the Panhandle

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