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Shark Week is over… so what do we know about shark attack?

Yep, each year cable TV broadcast their classic summer series SHARK WEEK. Actually there are several shark series running now.  It all began with Jaws in the early ‘70’s and ever since Americans have been enthralled with programs on these animals. Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas). Gulf of Mexico. Credit: SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory; Collection of Brandi …

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Why Do People Apply Sand Over Their Lawns?

Topdressing material should be weed and nematode-free. Photo Credit: Bryan Unruh, UF/IFAS Turfgrass Specialist. Q. I see some folks putting a layer of lawn dressing (usually sand) on their lawns in the spring. What’s the purpose for this and is it a good practice? A. Routinely applying a layer of soil or sand to a …

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Insects Take a Break in Winter, Which Will Soon Be Over !

A common question about insects when cold temperatures arrive is whether or not the cold will kill many pests. Although temperatures will occasionally drop below freezing in north Florida, it is normally not cold enough to significantly impact insect populations for the upcoming year. Typical white grub of the genus Phyllophaga. Photograph by John L. …

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Halloween is Over, But Retailers Still Have Some Tricks Up Their Sleeves

It won’t be long before you start to smell “holiday scents” and hear “holiday music” almost everywhere you go. These holiday smells and sounds are a marketing tactic. According to research conducted by Spangenberg, Gorhmann, and Sprott, when Christmas music is played in conjunction with an ambient Christmas scent being released, consumers have more favorable …

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“Why do I have centipede grass taking over my Bahia pasture?” and “What can I do about it?”

Jed Dillard Jefferson County Extension The short answers are “Because of your pasture management” and “Change your pasture management.” Here’s the slightly longer version. After Jefferson County native Ed Finlayson discovered Pensacola Bahia it became widely used in the Deep South because of its low maintenance requirements. However, there are limits to how much abuse …

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Staying Connected Over the Summer

Jackson County 4-H Agent Jackson County Extension Office 2741 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 3 Marianna, FL   32448 brk09@ufl.edu (850) 482-9620 (850) 482-9287   Do you find yourself struggling to get your 4-H club going at the start of a new 4-H year? The turnout for your May club meeting was wonderful, but September rolls around and …

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Volunteer Roles Over the Summer

Marcus Boston Leon County 4-H Agent Leon County Extension Office 615 Paul Russell Road Tallahassee, FL   32301-7099 Bostonm@leoncountyfl.gov (850) 606-5213 (850) 606-5201   Recruiting and training volunteers is a vital part of starting and maintaining a successful 4-H Program. This is also true if you plan on implementing a successful camping program in your county.  …

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