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Panhandle Crop Meeting – March 6th

The 2014 Panhandle Crop Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 6th, at the Jackson County Agriculture Conference Center. Registration opens at 7:15 AM (Central) and concludes at noon with a sponsored lunch. The Panhandle Crop Meeting will contain an array of presentations from extension specialists from the University of Florida, Georgia and Auburn University. The …

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2013 Panhandle FAWN Weather Summary

The rainfall in 2013 was certainly varied across all six Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN) Stations located in the Panhandle.  The Carrabelle station collected over 78″ and the driest location was in Jay where a more normal 52 inches fell for the year.  The average 2013 rainfall at all 5 stations was 62″.  The 64″ …

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Season’s Greetings from the Panhandle Ag Team

The County Agents and State Specialists that make up the Panhandle Agriculture Extension Team wish you and your family Happy Holidays!  Your Panhandle Ag Team will be enjoying a week with family and friends to relax and rest up for the year ahead.  2013 was quite a year, and it is hard to believe that …

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Ethiopian Mustard a New Crop for the Panhandle

Ethiopian mustard is a crop with real potential in the Southeast since it can be grown on land that has traditionally been fallow during the winter. Jim Marois, Professor of Plant Pathology, NFREC-Quincy Researchers at the UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center (NFREC) are working on a new winter crop for the Southeast U.S.  …

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Panhandle Beekeeping Field Day and Trade Show a Success

Bee Inspector Tending Hive Splitting Demonstrations – Image Credit Matthew Orwat UF IFAS Extension On November 1-2, 2013, the NW District Agriculture and Family and Consumer Science (FCS) Agents Program Implementation Teams collaborated to offer classes during the annual Beekeeping Tradeshow held in Chipley, Florida. This third annual event was part of the Florida State …

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September 2013 Panhandle Weather Summary

September weather was a drastic change from the previous two months.  Most farmers were thankful to have a break from the daily rains.  The dryer weather allowed for pesticide applications to beat back fungal diseases enhanced by all the wet weather, but for many fields the fungal diseases had ramped up too far for complete …

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The Peanut Butter Challenge is Underway throughout the Florida Panhandle

Take the Peanut Butter Challenge!  County Extension Offices throughout the Florida Panhandle are collecting jars of peanut butter for local food pantries through November 15. The Peanut Butter Challenge has officially begun!  From now through November 15th, drop off unopened jars of Peanut Butter to your local UF IFAS Extension office and have that jar matched …

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Leaf Spot Appears in Panhandle Peanuts

Fungal Leaf Spot is threatening peanut yields in Panhandle Florida. Currently the disease is developing in the lower canopy. As the leaf spot progresses the lower leaves will begin to fall off, and the disease will quickly progress into the upper canopy. Evidence of the exceptionally wet weather in July and August is beginning to …

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Panhandle August Weather Update

National Weather Service estimates for August rainfall in the Tri-states Region.  Rainfall estimates for the region ranged from 4 to over 15″. The rain just keeps on coming.  August was another wet month and many farms and ranches in the Florida Panhandle are saturated.  The National Weather Service estimates much of the Panhandle received more …

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Crapemyrtle: For Summer Color in the Florida Panhandle

Crapemyrtle flowering has been spectacular this year! While most other garden plants droop from summer’s heat, humidity and heavy rains, crapemyrtle thrives and puts on an outstanding show of flowers all summer and fall. Thanks to modern breeders, there are all sizes of improved hybrid crapemyrtles with flower colors of lavender, purple, white, pink, or …

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