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Honeybees are Valuable Pollinators

Health honeybee hives will be working the Spring 2015 bloom in a few short months. Cross pollination is carried on mainly by insects, especially by honeybees, bumblebees, and to a very limited extent, other bee-like insects. The honeybee, of all insects, is most peculiarly adapted to the task of cross pollination.  Most insects are dormant …

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Buttonbush: A Pollinator’s Favorite

Sheila Dunning Horticulture Agent Okaloosa County Extension sdunning@ufl.edu Beginning in 2007, the US Senate, in support of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, declared the last week of June as “National Pollinator Week.”  As humans, we depend on pollen-moving animals for one out of every three bites of food.  Without birds, bees, bats, beetles, butterflies …

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