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Mother’s Day: Time to Reflect and Celebrate

Family rituals and traditions, like family vacations, make lasting memories. This will be my sixth Mother’s Day, so I am not an experienced mother by any stretch of the imagination. As a Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, I am fortunate to have plenty of coursework and some practical experience in working with children– but …

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There Is Still Time To Prevent Spring Lawn Weeds

Photo caption: Purple nut sedge is dormant, but quite alive and waiting for warm weather. The best hope for control is to use a pre-emergent herbicide in late February to early March which will prevent this exotic invasive plant from germinating. Now that March is here the lawn becomes less of an abstraction and more …

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Annual Bedding Plants This Time of Year?

Yes, even with cool weather setting in, much can be done on the flower gardening front. Let’s kickoff 2017 by being the envy of the neighborhood with flower beds that are rich and vibrant in color. Figure 1: Bedding Annuals.Credit: Sydney Park Brown, UF/IFAS. Annual bedding plants are plentiful in variety and come in an …

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When is the Correct Time to Harvest Satsumas?

Fall 2016 Satsumas. Image Credit: Matthew Orwat One question that repeatedly pops up in my extension work is “When do I harvest fruit or vegetable X ?”  This Fall, the question of “when should I harvest my citrus?” has been a choice topic! The most common citrus in the Florida Panhandle is the satsuma, Citrus unshiu, so it …

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Fall: An Ideal Time for Shrub Installation

It was a hot summer that has continued into Fall.  We hope cooler temperatures are on their way to the panhandle of Florida.  Fall can be a great time to spruce up your landscape with some new shrubs. Image Credit UF / IFAS It may be time for your landscape to receive a mini-makeover and …

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Selecting the Right Lubricant for Your Equipment Saves Time, Money and Frustration

Using the correct engine lubricant with a proper maintenance schedule is essential for long tractor life, and to ensure equipment is running well when you need it most at harvest time.  Photo credit: Doug Mayo Farming enterprises in the 21st century require many costly inputs to even have a chance of competing successfully. Equipment such …

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Time to Order Cool-Season Forage Seeds

Figure 1. Cool-season grazing in North Florida. Photo credit: Jose Dubeux Jose Dubeux – University of Florida – NFREC Forage Management Specialist Have you booked your seeds for cool-season pastures? Fall is rapidly approaching, so it is time to book your cool-season forage seeds. Cool-season forages represent a great opportunity to improve livestock gain with …

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It’s Picnic Time

Picnics are a great opportunity for families to enjoy the great outdoors. It provides time to experience special bonding while enjoying the fresh air and delicious food. However, we should always be cautious of food borne illness. Let’s keep food and your family safe from the start! Whether the foods are from home, a store, …

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Hurricane Season Is Upon Us Again… Time to Prepare

The beginning of hurricane season—June 1—is very nearly upon us. It’s been more than ten years since northwest Florida was on the receiving end of a destructive hurricane. However, we’ve been no strangers to devastating floods, tornadoes, and even an ice storm over the past few years. No matter what natural disaster lurks around the …

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Time to Purple UP!

4-H Clubs and many others will be sporting the color Purple to support military youth on April 8! Join them celebrating April Month of the Military Child and Purple UP! Day April 8 or April 15. Be creative….the goal is for military youth to see the support in their school, youth groups, and the community! …

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