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Grazing Management during Spring Transition

Figure 1. Thick stands of clover and cool-season grass during the spring transition might hurt the regrowth of warm-season perennials in overseeded pastures. Adjust stocking rate and graze off the cool-season annuals to allow warm-season perennials to regrow. Photo credit: Jose Dubeux Spring is an important time of year to manage grazing of pastures. During …

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Nutrition of the Beef Herd During Transition into Summer

Fig. 1. Remaining winter forage on a bahiagrass field at UF-NFREC on 4/30/15. Photo: N. DiLorenzo Nicolas DiLorenzo, Beef Specialist, University of Florida NFREC When it comes to beef cattle herd nutrition we often talk about two critical transition periods in Northwest Florida where we need to pay special attention to grazing management., and possibly …

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