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Managing Dicamba Drift when using New Dicamba Resistant Cotton Varieties

Dicmaba drift injury versus healthy cotton without injury. Photo – Jay Ferrell Jay Ferrell, & Ramon Leon, UF/IFAS Weed Speciaslits R. and Ethan Carter, Regional Crop IPM Agent Dicamba drift injury on traditional cotton. Photo – Jay Ferrell. After many years in development, dicamba use in tolerant cotton varieties will likely be fully approved for …

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New Herbicide Resistant Crop Varieties Offer New Tools for Weed Management in 2017

Jackson County cotton ready for harvest. Photo – Doug Mayo Ethan Carter, Regional Crop IPM Agent, Jay Ferrell, and Ramon Leon, UF/IFAS Weed Speciaslits 2017 will be a landmark year for row crop agriculture, as several long awaited herbicide technologies have finally been released by the EPA to help farmer’s combat troublesome herbicide resistant broadleaf …

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Spring Growth Differences in Bahiagrass Varieties

Let me begin with a disclaimer; this article contains no research data and no recommendations, but only some observations that I thought might be useful to those of you thinking about perennial forage options. All of the pictures included in this article were taken in the Forage Demonstration Garden at the Washington County Extension Office …

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Onions: Taste Good, Easy to Grow, and Many Varieties from which to Choose

Onions are simple to grow and take up very little space. This is an easy selection for a beginning gardener. The winter weather is finally giving way to springtime. While temperatures have been erratic, the rain has been sufficient. There are still plenty of cool season leafy garden crops in production, but they will not …

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Two New Limpograss Varieties Released

UF/IFAS scientists bred two new limpograss cultivars, 4F and 10, for use by Florida cattlemen. Here, cattle graze during the cultivar experiment at the UF/IFAS Beef Teaching Unit in Gainesville. Photo credit: Lynn Solleberger Brad Buck, UF/IFAS Communications & Joao Vendramini, Forage Specialist, Ona RCREC The University of Florida, in partnership with Florida Foundation Seed …

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New University of Florida Peanut Varieties for 2014

Two new peanut varieties, FloRunTM ‘107 and TUFRunnerTM ‘727’, from the University of Florida will be available for planting in 2014.  Both varieties were selected for high oleic oil chemistry, as well as disease resistance for high yield potential. High oleic peanuts have been naturally selected for a higher level of a healthier monounsaturated fatty …

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