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Volunteering Makes Good Sense

Nate Grimsley is known for teaching crafts at 4-H camp each year. In a world where so many things don’t make sense, Nate Grimsley has discovered something that does.  Ten years ago, Nate’s daughter won 1st place at the Leon County 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Program and was awarded a full scholarship to Camp Cherry …

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Benefits of Volunteering With 4-H

Volunteer teaching local youth how to build underwater robots. The goal of 4-H is to teach youth life skills.  In so doing, we find that we also equip them with marketable skills, a sense of belonging, and a sense of self-worth, each of which makes them more apt to be successful.  However, besides the most …

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Consider Volunteering at a Local School

Image Credit: Eddie Powell Before the new school year begins for the kids in your county, consider volunteering at your local School Garden. School gardens offer benefits to volunteers and students that go beyond the classroom. They provide a platform for students, teachers, and members of the community to interact in an outdoor learning environment. This type of interaction creates opportunities for …

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New Ways to Receive News From Volunteering in the Panhandle

  Volunteering in the Panhandle is a publication for 4-H volunteers and is provided by 4-H Extension Agents in Northwest Florida. The team of 4-H Extension Agents in the Northwest District of Florida are very excited to be launching our Volunteering in the Panhandle Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Please like us, follow us, or …

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Volunteering in the Panhandle Spring 2011

 Sherri Kraeft Wakulla County 4-H Agent Wakulla County 4-H 84 Cedar Avenue Crawfordville, FL   32327 sjkraeft@ufl.edu 850-926-3931 850-926-8789   As summer quickly is upon us, we are all looking forward to summer camps and cookouts, fun in the sun and ways to spend time with our families and fellow 4-Hers. In this issue of the …

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